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Understanding Scaphoid (Wrist) Fractures That Don’t Heal

The wrist is made up of two rows of small bones. One row of bones articulate (move) against the two bones of the forearm. The second row lines up with the base of the fingers and thumb. A fracture of any of the carpal (wrist) bones in these two rows […]

Results of Wilhelm’s Wrist Denervation Technique

Patients with severe wrist pain limiting function who don’t improve with conservative (nonoperative) care may benefit from surgery. In this study, hand surgeons performed the Wilhelm’s wrist denervation on 54 patients and report the results. Wilhelm’s wrist denervation is a surgical procedure used to cut tiny branches of the sensory […]

High Rate of Failure with Wrist Replacement

People with severe wrist arthritis (usually from rheumatoid arthritis) find themselves in a bit of a bind — literally. With pain, swelling, and loss of wrist motion it becomes increasingly difficult to perform even the simplest task. Most often both wrists are affected — not just one. Personal hygiene can […]

Patients Satisfied After Total Wrist Replacement

The wrist with its double layer of bones and ability to turn and twist in all directions is a challenge to replace. For many years, anyone with severe wrist pain, deformity, loss of motion, and loss of hand function were offered only one treatment option: arthrodesis (fusion). But today, thanks […]

Case Number Seven of Wrist Osteochondritis Dissecans

There are only six cases of osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) reported in the medical literature. Oops, make that seven with this report from South Korea. With so few cases of any condition, surgeons are at a disadvantage for knowing what treatment is optimal. In this study, two surgeons report on the […]

Three Things to Know About Wrist Ganglions

So you have the telltale bump on the back of your wrist that comes and goes. It hurts when you move your wrist as far as it will go into extension. Any movement that puts pressure into the palm (like doing a pushup) aggravates it. The surgeon says it’s a […]

A Surgeon’s Look at Wrist Arthritis

In this article, Dr. R. J. Strauch from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City presents an update on the treatment of two causes of wrist arthritis. Both types involve the scaphoid (wrist) bone. The scaphoid is a key player in wrist arthritis […]

How to Handle Rare Hand and Wrist Infections

It’s tough to know what to do about something that doesn’t happen very often. That’s the case with hand and wrist infections from mycobacteria (a type of bacteria). Sometimes problems that seem like carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tenosynovitis, or abscesses of the wrist or hand are really caused by […]

What’s the Evidence Behind Treatment of a Septic Wrist?

Most people know bacteria like streptococcus (“strep”) and staphylococcus (“staph”) can cause all kinds of infections — strep throat, inflamed nailbeds, skin infections, and so on. These same agents can also cause joint infections referred to as septic arthritis. Any puncture, wound, bite, surgical procedure, or body infection (e.g., urinary […]

New Treatment Option for Wrist Instability

There’s a new kid on the block and his name is distal radioulnar joint or DRUJ. In plain English that means a replacement of the wrist joint. More specifically, we’re talking about the place where the radius (forearm bone on the thumb side of the wrist) connects to the ulna […]

Wrist Fractures in the Elderly: Is Surgery Necessary?

Wrist fractures are common in older adults. In particular, distal radial fractures receive a lot of attention. The radius is one of two bones in the forearm (located on the thumb side of the forearm). With a fall or traumatic injury, fracture at the end of the bone at the […]

Combined Wrist Injury Requires Combined Surgical Approach

As a result of this study, hand surgeons from Duke University (North Carolina) are suggesting the use of both arthroscopic and open incision surgery for one kind of painful wrist fracture that doesn’t heal. Bone fractures that don’t heal are called nonunion fractures. The nonunion fracture in this study was […]

No Surgical Treatment Best for Kienbock’s Disease

Kienbock’s disease is a disease that prevents the blood flow to a small bone in the hand, the lunate. Kienbock’s disease was identified in 1910, but doctors and researchers don’t understand yet what actually causes the disease, although there are suggestions that it is the result of trauma or of […]

Treatment for Wrist Fractures in Older Adults

You might think that a broken bone is a simple affair: set it, put a cast around it, wait six weeks and it’s healed. But that isn’t always the case. Sometimes fractures separate and the two ends have to be brought back together and held in place until the bone […]

Mayo Surgeons Review Surgical Treatment of Wrist Septic Arthritis

With newer ways of performing surgery, surgeons often have a choice between using the traditional open incision versus the minimally invasive arthroscopic approach. In this article, surgeons from the Rochester, Minnesota Mayo Clinic discuss how these two methods compare when treating septic arthritis of the wrist. Septic arthritis refers to […]

Can Titanium Plates Be Left in the Body Safely?

Patients who have metal plates, pins, and screws in the body are rightfully concerned about the safety and long-term effects of these devices left inside. Surgeons share those concerns but do not want to perform an additional surgery to remove them if unnecessary. And sometimes when plates are used to […]

Kienbock’s Disease: Staging and Treatments

Kienbock’s disease is a disease that affects the small bones in the hand, near the wrist. For reasons that doctors and researchers don’t yet understand, the blood supply to the bone, the lunate is cut off. Without that blood supply, the cells in the bones die. At first, the person […]

Wrist Fracture: Experts Say to Take Vitamin C

Patients with fractures of the distal radius (wrist) are advised to take vitamin C to prevent a condition called complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). Vitamin C may have the added bonus of speeding up healing. But how much should you take? And for how long — the rest of your […]

Sports Specialists Must Be Prepared for Athletes’ Wrist Injuries

Sports medicine specialists such as orthopedic surgeons, physical therapists, and athletic trainers will find this article of interest. Sports-related wrist injuries are reviewed from top to bottom in order to prepare these health care professionals to help affected athletes recover quickly and successfully. Examination of the wrist and hand requires […]

The Times Are A Changing With Today’s Seniors

The authors of this study start out by saying, Approximately 10 per cent of 65 year-old white women in the United States will sustain a distal radial fracture during the remainder of their lifetime. A distal radial fracture is a wrist fracture. Ouch! That seems like a lot. And with […]