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Discussion on Double Crush Syndrome

Double Crush Syndrome (DCS) is described as compression of a peripheral nerve at more than one site. Scientists have theorized that compression at one site can be asymptomatic, but cause increase risk of impairment at another anatomic site, thus the double crush of the nerve. When the nerve is disrupted […]

Bites to the Hand

Animal bites are a fairly common and expensive injury in the United States, affecting about 1.5 per cent of the population and costing over $850 million annually to treat. Dog bites are most common, followed by cats, and humans. Because of the complexity of anatomical structures in our hands and […]

A Closer Look at Hand and Arm Injuries Caused by Farming Accidents

Agricultural injuries to the upper limbs represent up to 70 per cent of all hospitalizations due to farm accidents, occurring mostly in males. Injuries are often debilitating and result in loss of limb or extensive correctional surgeries.  The cause of most accidents have been studied in detail and include lack […]

Recontracture Following Surgical Correction of Dupuytren Disease

Dupuytren Disease is a flexion deformity of the proximal interphalangeal joints of the hand. It involves a gradual thickening of the tissue under the skin on the palm of the hand into a cord-like structure. The flexion deformity makes it very difficult to fully straighten the fingers. Though it typically […]

Comparing Open to Percutaneous A1 Trigger Finger Release

Trigger finger occurs when a finger gets stuck in a flexed or bent position then releases into a straight position with a snap-like motion. Caused by the narrowing of the sheath that surrounds the tendon in the affected finger, the treatment often ends up being surgical. An open trigger release […]

Understanding the Effectiveness of Flexor Tendon Repair Protocols

A recent review of all available research papers concluded that there is really not a straightforward recipe for rehabilitation when it comes to recovery from a flexor tendon repair but that the surgical repair techniques have improved. Our hands’ intricate system of pulleys and tendons allows us the ability to perform […]

The basics about intrinsic contractures of the hand.

The hand is a very intricate and complicated feature of the human body. There are many small structures, including tendons, ligaments and muscles that run through the hand and fingers. When these structures don’t move properly the result can be mild to severe disability from weakness of grip strength, inability […]

Delayed Treatment of Mallet Finger Injuries

Mallet finger typically occurs with jamming your finger, like hitting a basketball with a straight finger, forcing it to bend when not expected.  If the tendon that attaches near the base of your fingernail is unable to withstand this sudden force, it avulses or rips out of the bone creating […]

Alternative Treatment for Hand Arthritis

If you are one of the many people who suffer from painful, degenerative arthritis of the hands, you may find the information in this article helpful. Two physicians from the Raleigh Hand Center (North Carolina) bring us up-to-date information on alternative treatment for this condition. Their focus is on recent […]

Positive Factors Linked with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain

Not everyone with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) experiences wrist or hand pain as a symptom. In fact, many people with CTS have numbness as the main problem. But that numbness can be so severe that it is interpreted by the brain as “pain”. In this study, researchers explored the possible […]

Results of Second Carpal Tunnel Surgeries

What happens to patients who have a first carpal tunnel surgery that isn’t entirely successful and then need a second (revision) procedure? Do they get better after the second surgery? How long do the results last? These are questions asked by researchers from the Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery […]

What Physicians Need to Know to Treat Fight Bites

When should antibiotics be given after a bite (tooth punctured the skin) from punching someone in the mouth? What are the exceptions to the guidelines on prophylactic (preventive) antibiotics? What are the potential complications for such bites? How often do they happen? Can they be prevented? These are just some […]

Should Older Adults Have Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery?

Older adults (65 years old and older) seem to have a greater chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome and with more severe symptoms. There is plenty of research evidence to support the benefits of surgery to release the soft tissues around the affected (median) nerve in the general adult population. […]

Treatment of Fingernail Injuries with Hematoma

Getting a finger smashed in the car door (or other similar crush injuries) is a fairly common injury and can be very problematic. The best way to treat these injuries is a matter of opinion and conjecture. Deformity and loss of finger function can be very serious consequences of this […]

Hand Splints for Dupuytren Contracture After Surgery: Yes or No?

In this investigation, hand therapists from New Zealand study the effect of hand splinting at night (night extension orthoses) after surgery to release Dupuytren contracture. They asked the questions: are these splints helping? Does everyone need to be splinted after surgery? Is it possible the splints actually delay the return […]

Open Carpal Tunnel Surgery: 10 Years Later

Many studies have been done on patients who have had open incision carpal tunnel release surgery. The results have shown that symptoms improve right away but it can take months for patients to recover strength and function. And slightly more than half of all patients report a recurrence of hand […]

Thompson Procedure for Failed Surgical Treatment of Mallet Finger

An injury to the tip of the finger is common during sporting activities such as baseball. If the tip of the finger (known as the distal interphalangeal (DIP) joint) is struck with the ball, the tendon that attaches to the small bone underneath can be injured. Untreated, this can cause […]

Best Surgical Option for Early Stage Swan Neck Deformity

This article from the Hand Unit at the Bristol Royal Infirmary (United Kingdom) uses the case of a 42-year-old woman with an early swan neck deformity (SND) to review the evidence for current surgical procedures to correct the problem. Since there is no clear consensus on which one is the […]

Avoiding Complications After Finger Dislocations

Three hand surgeons from well-known centers for reconstructive hand surgery presented a lecture on complications following dislocations of the proximal interphalangeal (PIP) joint. The lecture was given at the 2013 annual meeting of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. This article is a written record of that instructional lecture. The […]