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The Advantage of Conservative Care for Achilles Tendon Rupture

For a long time now, studies have repeatedly shown that surgery is the better way to treat Achilles tendon ruptures. Patients got better faster and returned to work and play sooner. And there were fewer cases of tendon rerupture after surgery compared with conservative care. But surgery always comes with […]

Best Surgery for Unstable Ankle Sprain

Two million ankle sprains a year have led surgeons to develop a wide range of treatment possibilities. Most of these injuries occur along the lateral (outside — away from the other leg) portion of the ankle. Conservative (nonoperative) care works well for many people. But when the ankle keeps giving […]

Understanding End-Stage Ankle Arthritis

Severe ankle arthritis is less common than hip or knee arthritis but just as disabling. So say researchers at the VA Medical Center in Seattle Washington. Researchers from the Mechanical Engineering and Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine centers at the University of Washington assisted in this study. They studied 37 patients […]

Rare But Important Ankle Injury

Ankle sprain is a common injury in athletes as well as the active adult. Most of the time, the ankle heals with a little care (rest, taping, ice). But one rare complication of lateral ankle sprains is a condition called peroneal tendon instability and is the topic of this article […]

Return to Sports After Osteochondral Autologous Transplantation of the Ankle

In this study, surgeons measured the frequency, intensity, and sports choices of recreational sports athletes following bone grafting for an ankle injury. In all cases, the athletes had sprained their ankles with an associated bone lesion. Ankle sprain with an osteochondral lesion refers to a sprain severe enough to cause […]

Surgeons Try Hyaluronic Acid Injection for Ankle Osteoarthritis

Fifteen years ago, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of an injection of hyaluronic acid for knee arthritis. It has been used ever since for the effective relief of arthritis pain in some carefully selected patients. Now surgeons are turning their attention to the possible use of […]

How Do Patients Rate Ankle Replacements?

In this study, one surgeon from Duke University Medical Center shares the results of 82 patients who received the STAR total ankle replacement. This surgeon performed all of the procedures using the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR) over a 10-year-period of time. The STAR prosthesis has been in use since […]

Planning Health Care Services to Treat Foot and Ankle Pain

Ever see someone shuffling along without picking up their feet? Wonder what’s wrong with that man or that woman in a wheelchair or on a scooter who looks perfectly able bodied? In fact, the body may be fine but it’s the feet that are the problem. And without healthy, pain […]

Do Lace Up Ankle Braces Prevent Injury?

Physical therapists and athletic trainers working with high school football players are concerned about the high number of players benched because of ankle injuries. They conducted this study to compare the number and severity of ankle injuries in players with and without a lace-up ankle brace. They also looked to […]

Understanding the Frozen Ankle

Most people have heard of the condition known as a frozen shoulder. The medical term for a “frozen” joint is adhesive capsulitis. The diagnosis of adhesive capsulitis can apply to any joint that is painful and stiff with significant loss of motion. In this article, the concept of a frozen […]

Navigating the Complexity of Pilon Fractures

The term pilon fracture (also known as a hammer) fracture occurs when one bone is driven into another bone with force. The bone may be broken into more than one piece. This is a comminuted pilon fracture. Pilon fractures can affect the spine and either bone in the lower leg […]

Getting Better Results with Ankle Joint Replacements

All of the major joints can be replaced now: the shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle. Surgeons have the most practice with hips and knees. Ankles remain more difficult because of the complexity of the joint itself. Patients may get good pain relief with ankle joint replacement but they don’t always […]

Should Athletes Wear Ankle Brace to Prevent Sprains?

This may be the first study to look at preventing ankle sprains (and other leg injuries) by wearing a soft, lace-up ankle brace. Ankle sprains may seem like a minor problem but they put many athletes on the bench every year. And the effects can catch up with you much […]

Treatment Alternative to Surgery for Ankle Arthritis

What do you do if you have severe pain from an arthritic ankle and you aren’t a good candidate for surgery? You need relief from the pain and some way to improve function in that ankle. You are overweight and haven’t been able to lose it. Or you’ve tried antiinflammatories […]

Taking a Step Back to Look at Ankle Joint Replacements

In this review and update, orthopedic surgeons at Duke University Medical Center take a look at the results of ankle joint replacement called total ankle arthroplasty or TAA. They present a thorough examination of all aspects of TAA from studies published and evidence gained so far on this topic. Total […]

Long-Term Results of Finger Joint Replacements

You never really know or appreciate just what one little finger joint can do for you — until you lose the ability to move it. But patients with osteoarthritis of the interphalangeal (IP) joint can testify that pain limits function and even movement of the other finger joints. It is […]

Preventing Accidental Overdose of Meds for Children

Any medication (even over-the-counter drugs) can become deadly when taken in large amounts or in combination with other chemicals. Liquid medications taken by mouth (called oral dosing) are formulated for ease of swallowing. This is helpful for the elderly, anyone with difficulty swallowing, and children. With liquid drug products, there […]

New Finding After Total Ankle Replacement

Problems that develop after surgery for joint replacement can include heterotopic ossification (bone forms in soft tissue where it doesn’t belong). This complication is not uncommon after hip and knee replacements. Now, we know the same holds true for ankle joint replacement. In this study from South Korea, 25 per […]

Fresh Bone Graft Preferred for Ankle

Holes or defects in the surface of a joint that extend down through the cartilage to the bone are called osteochondral lesions. Various treatment approaches have been tried for this problem with some success. One particularly challenging area of the body to treat these defects is the talus bone of […]

New Information on Ankle Fractures in Older Adults

Studies show that more and more older adults are being treated for ankle fractures. Not only are there more of these injuries, but they are more severe. What’s behind this change? In the past, osteoporosis (decreased bone density or “brittle bones”) was blamed for most ankle fractures in adults 65 […]