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Review of Management for Nerve Entrapment Issues in the Foot and Ankle

While relatively uncommon, nerves can become entrapped in the lower leg and ankle. A recent updated review article touched upon management of these diagnoses. The author stated that it’s important to establish an accurate diagnosis through which physicians will rely on a thorough physical examination and must additionally possess a […]

Gait Improvements Following Combined Ankle and Subtalar Joint Fusion

In cases of severe bone loss, severe deformity and advanced arthritis affecting both the ankle and subtalar joints, combined arthrodesis (joint fusion) is still indicated. While there is extensive literature regarding the effect on gait with ankle arthrodesis and ankle arthroplasty (joint replacement) there is very little information regarding the […]

Acute Achilles Tendon Rupture: A Review of the Current Best Practice Advice

Your opponent friend Bob jumps up to grab a rebound in the twice-a-week pick-up basketball game, then painfully grabs his right lower calf muscle’s tendon. He hobbles off the court with one sore heel cord. Bob has just joined the growing population of middle-agers with an Achilles tendon strain. The […]

Treatment Options For Posterior Heel Pain From Repetitive Overuse Injury

Overuse injuries from repetitive ankle plantar flexion stresses can be attributed to Os trigonum syndrome.  The Os trigonum can be the result of fracture of a bony tubercle in the back of the ankle or it can occur when there is an unfused ossicle in childhood. This condition may also be […]

Percutaneous Drilling for Osteonecrosis of the Ankle

Osteonecrosis is a degenerative joint condition caused by decreased blood flow to a bone to the point that the bone begins to break down. A potentially life altering condition, osteonecrosis most commonly affects the femoral head, knee, shoulder and ankle. Risk of developing osteonecrosis has been associated with increased corticosteroid […]

Common Causes and Treatment of Heel Pain

Heel pain is a common ailment that is frequently misdiagnosed because of a lot going on in a small space. A review article recently looked at the most common diagnoses and their causes. Authors challenge that a thorough exam should result in a correct diagnosis, which usually can be treated […]

Results of MOBILITY Ankle Replacement

Total ankle surgery is becoming a valid alternative to an ankle fusion for people with severe ankle arthritis. Changes have been made in the implant designs in the past several years, which are showing encouraging results. The benefit for replacement over fusion is preservation of some ankle mobility and thus […]

Total Ankle Replacements Offer a Good Solution to Ankle Arthritis

Ankle arthritis is ranked as debilitating as end-stage kidney disease. It often strikes at an earlier age than other arthritic joints, frequently due to after-effects of trauma, and is extremely painful.  Previously arthrodesis, or ankle joint fusion, was the primary treatment to help stop the pain. But ankle fusion was […]

Ankle Syndesmotic Injuries

Ankle syndesmotic injuries are involved in 5-10 per cent of all ankle sprains and 23 per cent of ankle fractures. Despite this prevalence, there is a lot of debate regarding proper diagnosis and treatment of this complex injury. The complexity of the injury to the syndesmosis lies in the anatomy. […]

Are you at risk for osteonecrosis or arthritis following a talar neck fracture?

In the past twenty years surgical advances have improved for the treatment of talar neck fractures, however there is still a risk of developing osteonecrosis of the talar body and/or posttraumatic arthritis. The purpose of this study was to see if there is predictive value in the Hawkins Classifications of […]

Comparison of Two Surgical Techniques to Remove Os Trigonum in Ankle

Some people are born with an extra little bone in the ankle called the os trigonum. Studies show that up to 50 per cent of all people have this anatomic anomaly. Without an X-ray or other imaging study, they might never know about it. It doesn’t cause any problems until […]

Best Surgical Management of Chronic Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Whether you are a young adult or in the older adult category (50 years old or older), active in sports or a nonathlete, rupture of the Achilles tendon is possible. A simple event like running to catch a bus, stumbling on the floor, or playing with children can lead to […]

High Patient Satisfaction with Ankle Replacement Despite Poor Results

In Switzerland, orthopedic surgeons have been working for years to develop and perfect a total ankle replacement. In this article, long-term results of the Scandinavian Total Ankle Replacement (STAR) are reported. This is the second report from a group of patients who received the implant 10 to 15 years ago. […]

Management of Ankle Fractures in Children

Ankle sprains are fairly common in adults but trauma to the ankle in children is more likely to cause a bone fracture than a sprain. These are challenging injuries because the growing child may still have an open physis (growth plate) that could be disrupted. The result can be deformity, […]

Causes of Ankle Fracture After Ankle Replacement

It doesn’t happen very often but ankle fracture after a total ankle replacement (TAR) is possible. Every effort is being made to reduce the number of these cases. In fact, in this study of over 500 patients, surgeons note that their own work has improved over time. In the first […]

Does Hyaluronic Acid Really Help Painful Ankle Arthritis?

There is evidence to support the use of hyaluronic acid injections into the ankle joint to reduce the painful symptoms of osteoarthritis (OA). These are the results of a review of the literature performed by researchers from several universities and hospitals in Taiwan. They searched electronic databases on this topic […]

Microfracture for the Ankle: Taking a Step Back to Look at Results

Many people who sprain (or even break) their ankle end up with an additional injury known as an osteochondral lesion of the talus (OLT). Osteochondral refers to the layer of cartilage over the bone. The talus is one of the ankle bones between the heel and the lower leg bone. […]

Comparing Ankle Fusion Techniques

When ankle pain from osteoarthritis is severe, function is low, and conservative care isn’t helping, surgeons turn to a fusion procedure known as an arthrodesis. There are two ways to do this surgery: open ankle and arthroscopic. As the names suggest, open ankle involves large incisions. Arthroscopy can be done […]