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Millions of Americans seek medical advice online each day. Patients want more control over their health. Most of what they find is either inaccurate, hard to understand or linked to advertising. And studies show that educated patients have better outcomes and higher satisfaction with care.

What is eOrthopod?

Simply the best patient education materials available today!


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Orthopaedic Surgeon Randale C. Sechrest, MD created eOrthopod to help patients better understand their condition and the complex procedures in orthopaedic surgery. Professional medical illustrations and animations make even the most complicated condition or procedure clear to patients. And, because it’s online, patients can immediately access the information they need at home or in your office.

Now you can add eOrthopod Patient Education to your website!

Embed the eOrthopod Patient Education Library in YOUR website wrapped in YOUR branding! All content – including each downloadable booklet – is personalized with your website “look and feel” and your logo.


See eOrthopod in action at

eOrthopod allows YOUR practice to provide YOUR patients with medically reliable information that is regularly updated and free of advertising. By adding patient education materials that are clearly written and professionally illustrated to your website you can use the “information prescription” as a powerful tool for your practice to increase patient satisfaction and efficiency. Most patients find it easier to digest medical information at home on their own time and at their own pace. eOrthopod saves you and your staff valuable time while providing patients a comprehensive resource for “self service” information that supports your practice.

A subscription to eOrthopod offers:

  • Clear, concise information on a wide range of orthopaedic topics
  • A library of over 250 peer reviewed, illustrated topics describing common orthopaedic problems and treatments
  • Access to the latest orthopaedic news from popular orthopaedic medical journals updated weekly
  • Answers to frequently asked orthopaedic questions online updated weekly
  • A library of over 4000 medical illustrations and animations you can use for creating additional information tools

An eOrthopod subscription lets you:

  • Provide online access to orthopedic information for potential patients.
  • Refer your patients to specific information before their appointment.
  • Provide online access to patients during their office visit.
  • Provide an “information prescription” for your patients to review from home.
  • Share information about orthopedic conditions and procedures with referring providers.
  • Illustrate your clinic newsletters with images that are readily available.
  • Make PowerPoint presentations easily – with images and text at your disposal.

Your subscription includes the following:

  • eOrthopod Patient Education Web Pages
  • eOrthopod Downloadable/Printable Patient Education Booklets
  • eOrthopod Orthopaedic News and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Annual Subscription Pricing (US Dollars)
1 - 2$719.40
3 - 4$1199.40
5 - 6$2399.40
7 - 10$3359.40
11 - 15$4559.40
16 - 20$5759.40
21 - 30$6959.40
31 - 50$7799.40
51 - 75$8759.40
76 - 100$11159.40

Hospitals, Corporate or Portal Websites or 100+ providers please email info@eorthopod or call 520-207-7095 for a price quote.

*For the purpose of calculating a subscription fee for your practice, a ‘Provider’ is defined as any physician, physician assistant or physical therapist in your organization who will be using the materials.

Subscribe to eOrthopod now!