What is the rehab like following an Achilles tendon rupture being treated without surgery?

The initial treatment protocol includes immobilization in a walking boot and, according to Weisskirchner Barfod et al, this period lasts eight weeks. During this time you may be instructed to stay off the injured leg fully, and comply with a weight bearing restriction, however this study has shown that full weight bearing during this period causes no setbacks and can improve quality of life. (Be sure to ask your physician and follow their protocol.) During this eight week immobilization phase there will be use of multiple heel wedges, and they will be slowly removed over the course of this time. There may also be instructions for gentle range of motion exercises. After the initial eight weeks the patient will be released from use of the walking good and will begin progressive strengthening. This may include referral to a physical therapist to lead this phase, which can last several months depending on individual progress.