My mother is having a lateral band mobilization for her hand next week and we are confused about what this means.

Lateral band mobilizations are performed when there is contracture of muscles that are inside the hand, the intrinsics, as well as other structures such as the joint itself or tendons coming from the forearm, the extrinsics. This means that if they released only the intrinsics there will still be contracture present, so they have to address both issues. Surgeons will usually perform three types of procedures to regain functional grip strength. The lateral band resection causes these ligaments to to the palm side of the fingers, allowing better flexion. There will also be release of the dorsal, back side, of the joint capsule, to allow more flexion at the PIP (middle finger joint). At times the joint in question can also be replaced. In addition the tendons that pull this same middle joint into extension will be released, again allowing less restriction into a grasping movement. Research has shown this procedure to allow good tip-to-tip pinch ability and better grasp following the surgery.