My 10-year old son broke his leg playing football. He had to have surgery and is now in a cast with crutches. What’s the best way to make sure he doesn’t miss too much school?

First check with his orthopedic surgeon to see if there’s any medical reason he should stay home. If not, make an appointment with the school principal, vice-principal, or counselor. Find out what obstacles your child will have to overcome going from class to class to keep his schedule.

Since he can manage with crutches, ask for special permission so that he can leave each classroom five minutes early. This will help him get from room to room without crowding or pushing in the hallways. Ask for a “helper.” This person can be a friend, another student, or staff member. The helper can carry any books, projects, or backpacks.

If there’s a medical reason he must miss school, make arrangements to pick up his assignments. This can be done every day, every other day, or once a week. It depends on the teachers’ classroom and work schedule. Short-term home instruction or tutoring is also an option.