I’m resigned to living with back pain. How can I keep it from getting worse?

You can learn to move in ways that don’t strain your back.
* To get in and out of bed, do the “log roll” technique. When you are lying down, roll your whole body to the side, as if your body were a log. Then gently raise your torso and move your feet to the floor.
* When you sit or stand, keep your back straight and bend from the hips.
* Instead of bending at the waist, use a grabber to pick things up from the floor or putting on shoes or socks.
* When you have to bend over, don’t bend at the waist. Keep your back straight and bend forward at the hips.
* Don’t ever test your back by carrying or lifting something that’s too heavy.
* Even when you are lifting lightweight items, keep your back straight and bend your knees so that you can lift with your legs. Hold the item close to your body, no matter how light it is.