How does abdominal bracing decrease back pain?

There is a lot of evidence that increasing abdominal strength can help to decrease low back pain. This increased strength improves lumbar spine stability and can decrease the effect of sudden loads on the muscles, joints, discs and ligaments in the spine which is often the cause injury and pain. According to a recent study by Aleksiev in 2014 there is new evidence that performing abdominal bracing for every day movements that involve the whole body can decrease pain. He found that over a ten year study the groups doing the abdominal bracing had decreased intensity and frequency of pain by more than one and a half times over the group doing exercise alone. The hypothesis by Aleksiev is that performing the abdominal brace frequently through out the day greatly increases the frequency of said exercise, and thereby improving the strength gains. Doing this exercise also seemed to have the effect of reminding people to do their other exercises, again increasing overall abdominal strength.