After seeing countless doctors and going through tons of diagnostic tests for my back pain over the past five years I have been sent to a psychiatrist. I am not crazy. I know that I am not making up my pain. Why does everyone think I need to see a psychiatrist?

It sounds like you have what the medical field calls chronic or persistent pain. This is a complicated diagnosis but one that can be managed with a team approach to care. In other words, at the very minimum, a doctor needs to be on board to manage your medication, a physical therapist to help your body heal and to realize that tissue is no longer being damaged, and a psychiatrist to help you deal with the emotional distress and or depression that comes from dealing with chronic pain. Important things to remember are that you are not crazy and that your pain is very real. A holistic approach has proved to be the most effective way to get your life back on track and a psychiatrist is a crucial part of that team.