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How common is sciatic leg pain?

Studies vary on the prevalence of sciatica annually, however recent reviews of nine large studies found that the injury ranges between two and 34 percent of adults each year.

My mom has pain in her shoulder and limited range of motion, but only for reaching overhead. She did not have any known injury. The doctor has told her she has adhesive capsulitis, does she need an MRI to confirm this diagnosis?

Adhesive capsulitis, also known as frozen shoulder is often associated loss of range of motion in the shoulder with no known cause. In general an MRI is not needed to confirm this diagnosis, however there has been some recent indications that in some cases of frozen shoulder the rotator cuff […]

I live in a rural area and am planning to have my knee replaced soon. There is not a good option for in home physical therapy, but my doctor has recommended a clinic that will set up tele rehabilitation sessions. Is this as good as having a therapist come to my home, or should I try to get into town to see one?

This is a problem for many people in all areas of medicine and with improvements in internet access telemedicine is increasing. There haven’t been too many studies on comparing the quality of these services as far as physical therapy is concerned. However there has been on recent study by Moffat […]

I am considering surgery for a herniated disc in my neck. Is there a difference in quality of life or outcomes after surgery between a microdiscectomy with fusion and a disc replacement?

A group of large randomized clinical studies investigated long term outcomes comparing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), to cervical disc replacement (CDR). They looked at measures including perceived neck function, general health, neurologic improvement and avoidance of future secondary surgical needs. All reported improvement in all outcomes with both […]