FAQ Category: Spine

How common is sciatic leg pain?

Studies vary on the prevalence of sciatica annually, however recent reviews of nine large studies found that the injury ranges between two and 34 percent of adults each year.

What is a burst fracture and why does it occur?

A burst fracture is a more severe form of compression fracture that typically occurs from a high energy axial load (i.e. car accident, fall from a high height). The vertebral body can be crushed in all directions causing a bursting of fragments which can cause neurologic deficit.

I am considering surgery for a herniated disc in my neck. Is there a difference in quality of life or outcomes after surgery between a microdiscectomy with fusion and a disc replacement?

A group of large randomized clinical studies investigated long term outcomes comparing anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF), to cervical disc replacement (CDR). They looked at measures including perceived neck function, general health, neurologic improvement and avoidance of future secondary surgical needs. All reported improvement in all outcomes with both […]

What is an osteoporotic compression fracture?

Osteoporosis is a disease in which bones become weak and become more prone to breaking. Compression fractures due to osteoporosis most often occur in the vertebrae and are caused when too much pressure is placed on a weakened vertebrae and the front of the vertebrae cracks and loses height

How does abdominal bracing decrease back pain?

There is a lot of evidence that increasing abdominal strength can help to decrease low back pain. This increased strength improves lumbar spine stability and can decrease the effect of sudden loads on the muscles, joints, discs and ligaments in the spine which is often the cause injury and pain. […]